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Introducing Doughnut Workshops

The only thing better then wolfing down a flight of our delicious doughnuts is learning to make your own doughnuts and then gobbling those down. We are launching classes at Nani’s dough for our amazing community to come down to the shop and learn about cooking, baking, making & eating delicious doughnuts. We will utilize our badass industrial kitchen to the finest, and show you what really goes into becoming the Doughnut-Don of south Florida..

Each class enrollment gets a 50% discount for our Welcome Wave Package

Class Content

We will be running these bi/tri-weekly and based on the input from our customers will even be guest-hosting other local chefs for alternate cuisine nights. But don’t worry.. Majority of classes offered are DOUGHNUT FOCUSED ONLY. We will go over a brief history of both the Dough & the Nut while showing you from tip to tail how to make everything from our Creme Brûlée Red Velvet Cappuccino eclair or that plain old fashioned. So bring the family down to learn, eat, and do something totally weird with industrial strength kitchen appliances!

January Classes are up on our site. Follow link in profile. We host private parties, birthdays, and all events

Posted by Nani's on Monday, January 7, 2019

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